NGO DIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP (DDG), founded in 2012, is a non-profit organization dedicated to carrying out social (scientific, applied, and infrastructural) projects and research in the fields of human rights, education, equal opportunities, diversity, migration, and integration. The main aim of the organization is to develop diversity in the aspiration of a harmonious, tolerant, and socially responsible society.
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ARTSCAPE – performing arts organisation (NGO) in Vilnius, executing its activities since 2012. Organisation values art as a means to social innovation and so promotes modern cultural, artistic and educational projects. One direction of activity is dedicated to community projects – those are programs with refugees as well as communities of different ethnicities. 
Projects that are being implemented: „Human Aid“ (described below), „Supporting refugee integration through the Lithuanian grassroots refugee – inclusion groups“the increase of access to culture for refugeesWebsite:

HUMAN AID – Artscape project, which aims to strengthen the capacities of groups seeking to promote refugee integration through training, short-term coordination of activities and funding for volunteer initiatives.

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SPEAK is a social integration project that brings migrants, refugees and locals in the same city through community-led language and culture exchange activities.
Aim of the project is to create more inclusive communities and to develop meaningful relationships between people that live in the same city. SPEAK is a global network of inclusive cities which is currently in 26 cities, and 12 countries. Kaunas has joined the network since 2020. 
Anyone can join to learn or practice a new language and share their own with people from all over the world. 

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PB NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INTEGRATION (NACIONALINIS SOCIALINĖS INTEGRACIJOS INSTITUTAS) is a non-governmental organization with an aim to create and implement social innovations that would benefit people from various social groups to integrate into a diverse society. The centre provides consultations on:
labour market;
career development;
having a business idea and looking where to start from;
applying for apprenticeship program;
volunteering and getting to know the Lithuanian society.

Contact: Inga Rancova +37067140877 (Whatsapp), email

REFUGEE COUNCIL OF LITHUANIA – a refugee-led organization active in the fields of education, advocacy, which provides opportunities for refugees to be heard and to participate in decision-making process.




ALL DIFFERENT – ALL EQUAL (VISI SKIRTINGI – VISI LYGŪS) – is a human rights education program aimed at influencing the processes taking place in society, creating a friendly environment, and encouraging every member of the society to become socially responsible. Website:

At the moment, ALL DIFFERENT – ALL EQUAL program is implementing the HUMAN LIBRARY (GYVOJI BIBLIOTEKA) project, actively participating in the field of non-formal education of youth (working both with youth and professionals), and organizing the creation of a network of organizations which contribute to the integration of refugees in Lithuania. Website:

ARAB CULTURE FORUM is an open platform for cultural, economic, and social collaboration between Lithuania and the Middle East, which promotes mutual understanding and peaceful dialogue. Practices include public cultural and social projects; guidance for economic cooperation and market analysis of the Baltic countries; translation of literary and other texts; educational programs and creative workshops for students and the public; organisation of exhibitions, concerts, and other events promoting Arab artists; tourism development; language teaching. Ongoing projects: educational articles in the media that introduce the public to Muslim communities.