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Sociocultural education encompasses many fields: recreation and leisure, education and training, work, culture and performance in the community. 


The Center for Community and Social Innovation offers free Lithuanian language courses for russian speakers living in Lithuania. Lessons take place every Tuesday at 2:30PM (with a Lithuanian language teacher) and Saturday 11:00-12:30 (with the help of volunteers) in the Center for Community and Social Innovation in the church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation at Savičiaus 15. Advance registration is required via email

SPEAK Kaunas is organizing community-led online and offline Lithuanian language groups.12 sessions, 18hrs of learning will allow you to improve your language skills, meet people from all over the world and make new friends. Participation fee for the group is 35 eur.  All groups are free for refugees and asylum seekers, also scholarships available for those who cannot afford.Use the code LiveLithuania for 20% OFF:

Pirmas Blynas organizes free lithuanian languagee classes at their restaurant in Vilnius:

Vilniaus Caritas. Free Lithuanian language courses for refugees and asylum seekers who are participating in an integration program.

During the months of summer, LCC university organises free lithuanian language courses in Klaipeda for all foreigners:

Online resources for Lithuanian language training:

Basic words and expressions by themes:

Short online Lithuanian course: 

A list of institutions that offer Lithuanian language courses (charged):

Introductory Lithuanian language online courses:




THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL INTEGRATION provides free of charge consultations in the following areas:
– labor market
– career opportunities
– having an idea of owning a business but not knowing where to start
– interest in apprenticeship programs but not knowing where to start
– interest in volunteering and learning more about Lithuanian society

Point of contact: Inga Rancova +37067140877 (Whatsapp), email:


Here is a list of a local (based on the declared place of residence) employment specialists contact numbers. These specialists provide services related to employment as well as assist in finding refresher courses (by assisting in finding the desired course or similar training in a foreign language).

Points of Contact:

  • English speaking refugees please contavt Jevgenij Daukša (employment questions): 85 259 4488);
  • Russian speaking non-refugees, over 29 years of age (people after university studies or in cases of family reunification) please contact: 85 272 5913;

Local points of contact (based on the declared place of residence in Vilnius city):

  • 2nd branch (Pašilaičiai, Justiniškės, Fabijoniškės, Šeškinė): 85 272 5905 Ina;
  • 3rd branch (Verkiai, Antakalnis, Žirmūnai, Šnipiškės): 85 272 5769 Eugenijus;
  • 4th branch (Pilaitė, Viršuliškės, Karoliniškės, Žvėrynas, Lazdynai, Rasos): 85 275 8012 Vida;
  • 5th branch (Vilkpėdės, Paneriai, Naujamiestis, Senamiestis, Naujininkai, Grigiškės): 85 259 4446 Rolandas;
  • 6th branch (N. Vilnios + people with disabilities): 85 272 1990 Vilija.

For special assistance (people with dissabilities): please contact 85 272 1990 Vilija.


Online data base of primary and secondary education with various educational resources in different languages

Virtual tour around the world and different museums:

Online tool to convert Latin alphabet letters to Cyrillic, Hebrew, Belorussian, Ukrainian and other alphabets:

Works of literature, music and visual arts from different libraries, museums etc, on the platform of the EU culture heritage site:

Platforms, that teach different skills through online courses, some of which are free:
Creative courses:


LCC is a university which provides financial aid to students every year. The eligible students are selected based on their family’s financial situation as well as on their entrance exam results.

Financial support to a war affected students from Syria, Iraq, Afgahnistan to get a scholarship to study at the university 
In order to attract capable foreign students to higher education institutions from non EU/EEA countries, merit based scholarships are awarded to foreigners who study full time at postgraduate level in Lithuanian higher education institutions. Possible scholarship types are grant only or grant plus coverage of tuition fees. The grant is equal to 10 Basic Social Benefits (currently at 380 euros) a month. The amount of benefit paid to student cannot exceed the state set tuition cost even in cases when school set tuition costs exceed it. In cases when school set tuition cost does not exceed the government set tuition cost, the benefit amount does not exceed the yearly tuition cost. Once the student is approved to receive aid, it is continued throughout all studies. 

State Universities – admission process starts through LAMABPO platform. The nationals of third countries must contact the Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education for an assessment of their home country educational qualifications. The Lithuanian language assessment is only required for studies in Lithuanian language. The third country nationals are eligible for the state funded places if they have a permanent residence permit in Lithuania.

VU offers free education and tuition for students of Belarus.

Lithuanian Business University Scholarship offered for Belarussian students.