MIGRACIJA.LT is the online migration services website (Lithuanian migration information system) of the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. Here you can find all relevant information about migration in Lithuania as well as contact information.

( (section “For Foreigners”): all advisory information for the foreigner is provided, depending on their citizenship: Lithuanian residence permit; provision and receipt of data; conditions to become a citizen of Lithuania; certificates or travel documents required)
A list of approved companies, to migrant employees of which the state offers simplified conditions when applying for a visa or a residence permit, according to LR law on the legal status of foreigners:ų-įmonių-sąrašas
News concerning migration and related laws in Lithuania:
Brexit-related information for citizens of the United Kingdom:
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Phone number: +370 707 67000 (calling from abroad: +370 5 271 7112) Website address:

MIPAS – a project that is being carried out by the Diversity Development Group to that aims to improve the availability of migration information to various stakeholders and the target group and cooperation between. To achieve its goal, the project set this objective: information and material related with migration, asylum, integration, and return of third country-nationals (TCNs) and other related matters will be collected, systemised and published constantly. Information on the website is available in three languages (Lithuanian, English, and Russian). 
On the MIPAS website you’ll find practical information for foreigners:;
good integration practices;
usefuls links;
national and international projects;
information on events;
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CARITAS – international Catholic organization that has the missing of helping refugees, asylum seekers, and newly arrived citizens of third countries successfully integrate in Lithuania. In the CARITAS Centre, help of a lawyer, employment specialist, social consultant, psychologist or an art therapist can be organized for third country nationals holding residence permits, national visas or asylum seeker cards. 
Relevant ongoing projects: Foreigner Integration Project
You can contact the organization by email ( ) or phone +370 673 24225. 
Website address:

INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM) is a migration agency under United Nations which is the only international and intergovernmental organisation working in the field of migration. IOM aims that interests of both migrants and states are combined in the management of migration.

In Lithuania, the IOM Vilnius office carries out these voluntary activities:

  • Consulting of migrants
  • Assistance in voluntary return and reintegration
  • Research and analysis in the field of migration
  • Training of officials and the public in migration issues
  • Prevention of human trafficking
  • Promotion of tolerance and integration

Email: . Website address:


A project initiated by the International Organization for Migration and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The centre, using the method of single point of contact, provides consultations free of charge to those Lithuanians who are returning from abroad or anyone thinking of moving to Lithuania. Here you can get information about immigration, the labor market, education, healthcare, and many other aspects related to living in Lithuania.

Useful links: visas and arrival:;
residence permit for third country nationals:;
documents required based on your arrival intentions:;
residence permit for EU citizens:;
work in Lithuania:;
getting married in Lithuania:;
informational publications and memos:

Phone number +370 800 22922 (toll-free if you’re in Lithuania already) or +370 5 251 4352 (for calls coming from outside of Lithuania). Email address: Website:

EUROPEAN MIGRATION NETWORK IN LITHUANIA (EMN) – is a network of migration and asylum experts of the European Commission, EU states and Norway that gathers objective, policy-relevant, comparable and up-to-date information and knowledge on emerging issues relating to asylum and migration in Europe with the aim to take part in shaping the EU’s policies and informing the society.

National Contact Points (EMN NCPs) are established in all Member States and Norway. In Lithuania, the function ofEMT NIC is being carried out by the International Migration Organization in Vilnius in close cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, the Migration Department and the State Border Guard Service, as appointed by the government of the Republic of Lithuania. EMT NIC also cooperates with other governments and non-governmental organizations that work on migration matters.
More information on EMT in Lithuania can be found here

Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) can be arranged for immigrants who do not have or do not a valid ground to stay in Lithuania ad wish to return to their country of origin but do not have the financial means. AVR includes consultations on all questions regarding voluntary return, mediation while gathering the needed documents, organization of travel, accommodation preceding the departure, meals, medical aid or aid in items, humanitarian or medical escort for the travel period, help for transit and arrival. More information and contacts here: ir
Phone numbers: +370 800 12342 (toll-free); +370 5 240 4489; +370 610 01 618 (for mobile calls, WhatsApp & Viber)