KIDS SUMMER CAMP “Unique together”

The summer camp at Ramintoja creates a positive, safe and creative space for children in which every participant can experience his or her uniqueness and share it with newly made friends! We want to celebrate the fact that all of us are different and find a multicultural community among kids from different nations. The camp invites both Lithuanian and English speaking children.

We aim that children would better know themselves, the environment around them and each other, thus the creative activities at the camp (art, music, nature learning) will playfully promote individual self-expression, will release their inner energy, and children will be able to rediscover the joy of live communication.


The schedule of the camp is flexible, the participants will be involved in different teaching styles, thus creating a fun atmosphere, maintaining the active involvement of the participants, learning new things in different ways. During the camp we will move a lot, spend time outdoors, get to know nature, experiment, arouse curiosity, test theoretical knowledge in practice.

  • Creative group and individual art activities (outdoor and indoor): drawing, molding, collage, making of a camp puzzle, use of secondary raw materials;
  • Music therapy classes: listening to nature and each other, playing music with natural instruments, learning a song together;
  • Hiking activities: in nature with a forester (didactic games), city park explorations with urbanistic games intended for discovering communion of nature and the city;
  • Innovative educational sessions in Ramintoja (3D interactive glasses experience, etc.);
  • Getting to know the employees of the social cafe “Pirmas Blynas”;
  • Camp closing party with parents – performances, activities;
  • Physical exercises, active outdoor games;
  • Interactive daily reflections


  • The program is designed for children 7 – 12 years of age 
  • The camp will be located in the Old Town in the premises of the Ramintoja Church building (Savičiaus St. 15, Vilnius)
  • The size of a group of up to 20 children (participants will be guided by experienced camp leaders)
  • Date: 9-13th of August
  • Time: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:30.
  • Price: 85 EUR per child per week

The price includes:

  • child care
  • camp program, educational activities
  • lunch in the cafe (vegetarian food option)
  • various snacks

A day at the camp:

  • gathering
  • active time with camp leaders
  • education / excursion / hike / creative activities
  • lunch at the cafe
  • creative activities / outdoor games
  • afternoon snack 
  • daily reflection

You can register , Tel. no: +370 600 63562 or email:

Introduction of the camp leaders

Veronika was born and raised in a family of teachers and musicians. Veronika is an award-winning product designer – art teacher, pedagogue with experience in Lithuanian, Indian and German schools. An active representative of intercultural education, fostering creative activities and methodologies.

Luka started working with children in 2014, while traveling in India; later on worked with young people, developing their social skills in the “Valley of Innovators” in Lithuania. Last year, Luka initiated and implemented a Design and Architecture camp for youth under the age of 18, where she not only introduced them with design thinking tools, but also promoted interpersonal communication, self-reflection and other personal qualities necessary for current times.

Gabrielė is a community facilitator and leader of creative camps for young people. Gabrielė has accumulated international experience in non-formal education with children, organizing and conducting camps in Lithuania and abroad. Gabrielė also has experience in conducting educational classes for young people in Lithuania.