Recently, as Europe has become a refuge for people from countries troubled by wars, economic and political turmoils, the numbers of ethnical minorities have been on the rise in Lithuania as well. According to the Department of Statistics, ethnical minority groups are exclusively concentrated in Vilnius. Meanwhile, the city population’s knowledge on incoming and settling people is often limited to scanty, often one-sided news appearing in the media, which fail to reveal the full information and form a stereotypical, often negative attitude. Incoming immigrants and political refugees lack both multilingual information on opportunities for social and cultural integration and open, direct communication with the local population.

In the project “The platform of Courtyard of Nations”, we foster the tradition of tolerance and activities aimed at the inclusion of the members of various nations living in Lithuania.

Multilingual online platform is designed not only for sharing information about various events for multilingual society, but also for public discussion about different cultural and societal phenomena, traditions, initiatives. Through the platform we want to reach people not only in Vilnius, but the whole of Lithuania and abroad alike, promote critical thinking in the society, and develop the connection between different nations based on common European values: openness, respect, inclusion, joint action.

The content of the platform was formed while analysing the current sources of information from the organisations that currently work with migrants. As a conclusion, it is clear that the most amount of attention is paid to refugess, migrants for the first two years from their arrival in the country and the process of integration is left for the self-government after that time has passed.

Our goal is that the platform would be useful for the people that come to live to Lithuania from various countries not only as refugees, but also look for prospects to get a job and make a career, study and want to independantly consolidate in their social environment.

To ensure the continuity of the platform, we gather active people from different nations, teach creative and team work, as well as to prepare and publish information together.

Project is coordinated by Luka Marcinkute: