The most popular podcast about Lithuania in English -Lithuanian Dream podcast

What would you tell your foreign friend about Lithuania? Maybe that Lithuanian language is one of the oldest in the world, as a nation we love basketball and you should really see Vilnius old town…But where would you send them next? Wikipedia? 

Rūta Naujokaitė, the host of Lithuania Dream Podcast, is convinced that Wikipedia and separate articles about Lithuania are not enough. Back in 2019, she with Sean Donavan, Milda Sukyte and Gabriele Valodskaite started telling stories about Lithuania to their English speaking audience.  

“We want to make Lithuania open to all. Not just translate the articles or stories, but actually mindfully tell them in English to our foreign friends. You can find it all in our episode list: from the history of GULAGS to the best lithuanian business practices.” – said Rūta Naujokaitė.

Now Lithuanian Dream Podcast is the most popular podcast about Lithuania in English supported by Lithuanian National Broadcaster, LRT and Global Lithuanian Leaders network. Every second Wednesday they talk with the leaders from businesses, politics and culture. From grand lithuanian writers Tomas Venclova, Ruta Sepetys, innovators like co-founder of Vinted Milda Mitkute, co-founder of Oberlo Tomas Slimas or even world-known management thinkers like Roger Martin.

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